Friday, October 15, 2010


Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Lech Lecha

7 Cheshvan 5771/October 15, 2010

They descended together, knowing where they were going, but understanding that this is where they needed to be. Still they never expected what occurred to happen. Trapped hundreds of miles below with nowhere to turn but the suffocated area they found themselves in blocked from every side, for there was no one to help them. Amazingly they gave each other encouragement in the worst of conditions and were able to maintain their hope, although it was so long.

Meanwhile well above the surface they were working feverishly to get them out. It would be an arduous and challenging undertaking but they would find a way.

When the escape plan was set into place everyone held their breath. Suddenly the world tuned in to this small, previously unimportant group and waited to hear what would become of them, and whether they could be rescued.

One by one they were lifted out of the murky, dingy and cramped world they had been stuck in. The ascension itself was fraught with difficulty and there was fear whether they would be able to make it out safely. But when they did the world was watching gleefully.

As each one emerged the assemblage cheered, and the dignitaries present embraced them. Their loved ones ran into their arms in a most emotionally moving manner. Throngs of journalists from all over the world, and every major media outlet were gathered there to witness the event. As they broke the story the emotion they themselves were feeling was discernible in their voices. “We feared that this would be a story of tragedy, but here we are celebrating success.” “Imagine what kind of place they are coming from, and now hastily thrust into the open arms of friends and admirers, as the world looks on.” “It’s just an astounding sight. The leader of the group insisted that he would be the last to ascend. He has now finally been brought up and now the mission is complete.” “It’s an overwhelming sight. We didn’t think this would truly happen. But it did!” “Suddenly the former captives are celebrities the world over.”

It’s an amazing and touching story. The world is riveted by the tale of a small group saved from tragedy after enduring so much. It’s a story that touches us so deeply because it connects with the universal human need to maintain hope and never give up.

In fact, the story is a classic example of foreshadowing. For in a deeper sense the above story has not yet taken place! Reread the story carefully and you will realize that the story is about us and our people. We will capture the world’s attention, at the time when we will finally be rescued from the spiritual, psychological, (and often physical) morass in which the world has trapped us.

“It’s an overwhelming sight. We didn’t think this would truly happen. But it did!”

“Then your light will break out the morning, and your healing will soon grow.” (Yeshaya 58:8)

Soon. Very soon.

Shabbat Shalom & Good Shabbos,

R’ Dani and Chani Staum